5 Steps To Designing Psychologically Powerful Landing Pages

The recording of the webinar with André Morys, Founder of Web Arts

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Watch The Webinar

Watch the Webinar
André Morys is the founder of Web Arts (1996) and a University Lecturer in the area of Conversion Optimization. He is the author of a best selling book called "Conversion Optimierung" (in german). As well as being a prolific blogger and speaker, he is also the founder of international Conversion Alliance, a network of CRO agencies around the globe, and the host / organizer of conversionSUMMIT; Germanys leading conference about Conversion Optimization.

About our guest, André Morys


There is no buy button in your customer’s brain. But what neuroscience can tell us is that most customer decisions are based upon irrational influences. We call them emotions.

In this Unwebinar, internationally-renowned CRO expert André Morys will showcase the neuromarketing techniques that his team used, including MRI scans of the human brain at work, to increase a client’s sales by 800%. André will demonstrate how you can apply these techniques to your own campaigns using a simple 5-step process for creating landing pages that resonate on a deep psychological level.

You'll learn:

  • Why most customer decisions are irrational
  • How to find the right psychological cues for your audience
  • André's simple 5-step process for A/B testing your research

...plus, much more!

Duration: 1 hour
Awesome: Naturally


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