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About Google AdWords

Oli Gardner

Oli is our resident landing page expert. Oli's writing on the subjects of conversion centered design and landing page optimization can be found on the Unbounce conversion blog and he has been featured on top marketing blogs including SEOmoz.

Anna Sawyer

Anna runs content marketing for Trada, and is the in-house AdWords educator, developing and hosting over 50 live webinars on paid search. She also writes a viral blog and likes to ride her bike down hills.

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About The Hosts

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Unbounce's Oli Gardner is teaming up with Trada AdWords aficionado, Anna Sawyer to answer the most common questions about landing pages and Google AdWords. They'll be discussing:

  • Quality score: what's more important? Bid price, ad copy or landing page?
  • How does Google score a landing page?
  • How can I optimize my landing page for quality score but also have it optimized for conversion?
  • How can I boost my quality score?
  • How does mobile factor in?