Join conversion rate optimization expert Michael Aagaard for an Unwebinar that will equip you with everything you need to know to start A/B testing. Michael gives lots of easy to understand optimization principles, tons of examples and concrete tips that'll help you get much more from your marketing efforts.

In this session, Michael teaches you:

  1. Why you need to test
  2. How to get started
  3. What you should test
  4. How to set up a test
  5. When you should stop testing

A/B Testing Essentials Unwebinar

Ryan Engley

Ryan is our Director of Customer Success who along with his team, helps Unbounce customers boost their conversion rates. He is our resident webinar host and consummate office vegan.

Michael Aagaard,

Michael is a self-employed, self-confessed split test junkie and copywriting fanatic who’s obsessed with finding out what really works in online marketing. He’s Danish and hails from the fair city of Copenhagen.

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